Deon’s hair project

When we were told to change our idea, Gerome took influence from the animation about the man’s conflict with his moustache and his initial thoughts were about creating a similar situation but only with Deon’s hair. Deon’s hair has always been a topic of conversation, even with strangers. For one, it is very versatile. Depending on whether Deon can be bothered to comb out his hair, it can be curly and compressed, or it can be straight and random.

Here are some examples, as research and for the lulz


1960_42325384915_751389915_1121658_4798_n Square shaped

Flat from sleeping

The reason why I’ve shown so many pictures is because I feel that in almost every one of them, his hair is some what different. It’s usually a run in joke that his hair changes depending on his mood. When he’s ill, sometimes his hair reflects that by being some what deflated and less lively. Other times our friends like to say that if you put your hand in his hair you’ll get pulled in or eaten. Deon’s told me once he had lost a pair of scissors, and then some how found it in his hair. I guess these theories aren’t too far from the truth.

There’s been so many times where random strangers come up to him to just touch his hair, I think the most bizarre being in the queue at the London Anime Expo where a guard dressed up as a Storm trooper started touching his hair and commented that it was ‘bouncy’. Due to stories of strange events or people’s reactions, creating an animation around Deon’s here isn’t too difficult, particularly when we can exaggerate the truth.

General stories of Deon’s hair:

  • · Strangers coming up to Deon and touching his hair e.g.random woman.
  • · At Anime Expo, Stormtrooper (guard) comes up to Deon and pats his hair and says “bouncy”.
  • · When Deon came with me to Raya’s birthday party, she didn’t look at his face, only his hair. She didn’t quite know how to react, her expression was between fascination and terror.
  • · Jonathan’s nephew seems to be fascinated with Deon’s hair. Instant grab, even with both hands.
  • · On our way to Deon’s house, dog stops and stares at Deon’s hair for a good few minutes. Even the dog’s owner was like, “It’s rude to stare” and tried dragging him along to the front door. He stopped again and continued staring.
  • · Jonathan was saying on Thursday that Deon’s hair seems to be conflicting with his heritage.
  • · It takes on different forms and shapes. I.e. when he was ill, his hair seemed to be lifeless.
  • · At John’s birthday, they were all taking a group photo and Jonathan said, “Why is Deon standing in the corner?” It was a random person. Then as the guy was leaving he said to Deon, “You wish you had my hair.”
  • · Both of his parents have said (I think jokingly) they’ll cut off his hair while he’s sleeping.
  • · Deon having trouble combing his hair.
  • · Deon telling me he had trouble finding his pair of scissors. He then found it in his hair. He had somehow slept on it.
  • · Everyone asks to touch Deon’s hair. They could’ve known him for 5 years, and still have the urge to touch it.
  • · Everyone warns people that if they touch Deon’s hair, it might take their arm.

Gerome took influence from the animation I previously mentioned and suggested a story where Deon wakes up and must prepare for a hair competition that he’s won consecutively. However, this constantly goes wrong as he can’t seem to get the right hair style and while trying to style it he gets a small electric shock from the plug socket. When thinking about the effect of it, he attaches every electrical appliance to himself and finally plugs it in. It cuts to a view outside the house and you see a cloud of smoke suddenly come out of the windows. Then you see Deon coming out of the front door covered in soot but his hair dead straight and wild from the shock and a proud smile on his face. Then as a punch line at the end his hair falls out revealing he’s gone bald.

We all decided to do some concept for this idea and here are a few of mine. These were just random ones just trying to get a sense of style.






As you can see, I tried to make the hair random, but this wasn’t enough. We had to push it further.

EDIT: I couldn’t find a picture the picture where a friend had shaped Deon’s hair as a star, so I thought I’d put one of Gerome instead.

In all fairness, both their hair are quite versatile.

As director, Deon decided to try and make developing the idea for this as fun as possible because we’ve been a bit downhearted with our idea being scrapped.

He asked us to draw 15 random faces with different facial expressions. Then, for roughly 15 seconds each we had to design the most random hairstyles for each face. This proved to be quite amusing to share. Here’s my one and I hope the others posted their version up as well on their blogs.


We each took turns taking a look at each other’s designs and ticked 3 we liked the most. The ones with the most ticks would be used in our film.

The next task Deon gave us were to each draw our own interpretation of the opening scene of the film.


I took some influence from some photo references like for example when Deon wakes up the back of his head is flat (like in the photo I posted earlier).


The guys quite liked the shot of portraits of Deon with his different hairstyles and his trophies on the wall and all you see of Deon when he walks past is his hair.

While we were still developing the storyboard we showed Mike the idea. He seemed to find it amusing but he said it was a very character driven idea considering none of us are animators. Although he liked it, he suggested we do something more relevant to us, like an environmental film to show off our skills. Once again, we had to think about what was best for us and scrap the idea. We were back to being some what downhearted after all the effort we put into.


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