My animating role was to animate the robot I rigged. I would have used Niko’s one but there were some problems. Well, for me anyway. No matter what version of Niko’s rig was sent to me, one of the controls would NOT work so I used my own rig. I guess this also demonstrates how my rig works. Initially I was done and dusted with my walk cycle, but then Ash and Niko had problems cycling the walk. Ash told me that I need to keep it to exactly 25 frames for it to loop perfectly.

First walk cycle


Due to the problem of being unable to loop my animation, I had to redo my walk cycle unfortunately. Ash and Niko gave me tips as well as video recommendations.

Niko recommended me this video which made since it is from the Animator’s Survival Kit

In all fairness I knew about the logic of back legs moving in the opposite direction of the front legs from term 2 when discussing with Lily about animating a spider.

Ash also gave me some videos from Digital Tutors where one particular image was very helpful

walk cycle reference

This would help me with the front legs and I guess all I had to do was do the opposite for the back legs. However, I found the back legs more complicated than I thought.

If I had more time I would definitely have sat down and learnt how to animate properly. It’s something I’d like to learn because I always think about how living things move and the secondary animation. I am a bit disappointed, but I guess I need to improve time management or my group on a whole needs to. As soon as I was given the model and finished rigging I did try to animate straight away but I guess I didn’t allow myself enough time. If it was a normal two-legged cycle, this would have been fine. At least I’ve learnt from this for next time.


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