Designing and rigging

Another task that was given to me was to design the main character at the end.

Character collage


When describing the character Gerome gave me three works, pollution, devil and works. The obvious choice in my mind for pollution was a gas mask so I tried to find some references for that. Since our film is called ‘Devil in the Works’ when considering the word works, I initially thought of builders. I had the idea of trying to incorporate the uniform into the design. In contrast, I also thought of businessmen. The reason why I considered these things are because in our city, in order to survive you must have the right uniform (i.e. the gas mask for the pollution) as well as having some sort of strength or intellect. Initially when designing this character, I imagined him to be quick and cunning.

Gerome human concept1

As you can see, this character is slender and I could imagine him being agile. I have given him a body suit since his skin can’t come into contact with the air. On the back I intended to add the ‘Devil in the Works’ logo as if he belongs to a company much like builders. I imagined that some of the humans that did inhabit this city would belong to this organisation and be considered as the ‘devils’ for a higher power. This is how the humans would generally be dressed like in order to continue inhabiting. However when showing Gerome and Deon, it seemed that had imagined the character differently. They had imagined that the character would be bulky and hench, possibly even mutated from the pollution. Due to this, I decided to scrap this concept.

character concept2

The previous one I was more looking into creating a realistic human being, but I realised that was not what was wanted. When designing this character, my initial inspiration was Mr Incredible.

He has a top heavy torso and yet humorously tiny little legs. I decided to do something similar with my character and that it would be more far fetched rather a realistic design of a human being. I still kept the idea of the uniform but instead of making him sleek and well dressed, he was ragged almost like a barbarian. I altered the gas mask a bit more and added an oxygen tank as well as deciding to place our group’s logo on the back of it. Deon suggested that I added mechanical limbs so I made the metal arm slightly larger than his normal arm. To elaborate on him being somewhat like an over grown builder, I added a toolkit onto his belt. To further emphasise on the ‘Devil in the Works’ theme, I decided to alter the gas mask with devil horns and more menacing eyes. For the final touches I gave him a few dirt marks or specs of blood. This concept design couldn’t be further from the previous one but I do quite like it. More importantly, the others loved this design.

front and back_005

I did an orthographic concept for Gerome (which I did plan to go over darker). However, he forgot about this and modelled straight from the the concept art so the model didn’t really end up very accurate.

Gerome devil rig

I did manage to rig the model similarly to the robot models, but Niko was extremely displeased with the model and approached Gerome. Gerome admitted he didn’t feel confident enough to do a human form in such little amount of time so he remodelled the character to be a complete robot.

Niko rigged this character instead and it does look a lot better than his previous model. I am a bit sad that because of timing and lack of experience, my concept wasn’t fully realised. For example the idea of the uniform, the general overgrown bulkiness of the character but sacrifices have to be made under pressure.


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